Our First Nations Journey

Our commitment lies in elevating First Nations involvement, cultivating meaningful connections, and securing a future where our business flourishes in unity with the rich cultures and heritage of the First Nations communities in which we operate in.


October 2023

National Reconciliation Week

Kerry Neil, a proud Kabi Kabi man, plays a pivotal role in enriching the cultural landscape at eight Shadforth sites, including two significant locations on the Sunshine Coast. Through his engaging presentations, Kerry weaves the rich tapestry of Kabi Kabi heritage into the narrative of these sites. Kerry not only highlights the historical and spiritual significance of the land but also integrates traditional Dreamtime stories. These stories, central to Kabi Kabi culture, offer insights into the creation, moral lessons, and the deep spiritual connection the Kabi Kabi people have with their land. Kerry’s ability to bring these stories to life fosters a deep understanding and appreciation among his audience, bridging the gap between the past and the present and creating a shared sense of respect for the First Nations’ cultural legacy. l

October 2022

Stockland Botanica – Deebing Heights

In unity, Shadforth, Stockland, and the Yuggera and Ugarapul First Nations Peoples came together to conduct a Smoking Ceremony. The ceremony is a symbol of respect which assists in the cleansing of the area and the people of bad spirits so as to promote the protection and wellbeing of visitors. We were very grateful to have the Yuggera and Ugarapul people share this wonderful tradition with Shadforth and Stockland.

May 2022

National Reconciliation Week

Shadforth continued its commitment to reconciliation, notably during National Reconciliation Week. Throughout the week, Shadforth promotes reconciliation on our sites by providing a platform for First Nations people to share stories, fostering understanding and connection. l

September 2021

Cultural Heritage Site

While working on the Bells Creek Arterial Road in Caloundra South, our team made a Cultural Heritage discovery. In September, a collaborative effort ensued, bringing together Kabi Kabi Elders, representatives from Shadforth, Stockland, and Archaeo, who visited the site to discuss its cultural significance.

This encounter brought about meaningful conversations within Shadforth’s First Nations Working Group, particularly focusing on potential opportunities for the youth under the guidance of Elders.

The site team through following our Cultural heritage Finds procedure ensured the site’s integrity remained intact.

Furthermore, this event highlighted the strength of our relationships – bridging the client, First Nations communities, and our team. Shadforth remain steadfastly committed to honoring and preserving the cultural heritage that enriches the communities we work in.

February 2021

Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan – Endorsed

Shadforth proudly announces the endorsement of our first Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP), Reflect, marking our commitment to reconciliation and respecting Australia’s First Nations Peoples. The Reflect RAP outlines strategies for stronger relationships, cultural understanding, and meaningful collaboration with First Nations communities, signifying our dedication to a more inclusive future. l

October 2020

2 Day – First Nations Workshop

Shadforth participated in a two-day workshop at Woodford, collaborating with First Nations artists and elders. This led to commissioning local artist BJ Murphy, whose May 2021 presentation showcased a powerful masterpiece depicting the evolution of natural watercourses. Inspired by an aerial perspective, the artwork is a compelling call to action, emphasising our collective responsibility to protect and preserve our Country for generations to come.

December 2019

Sunshine Coast First Nations Accord

Elevating its commitment, Shadforth not only received an invitation to the prestigious meeting of the Sunshine Coast First Nations Accord but also took the lead by hosting a significant event in December. This gathering brought together Sunshine Coast companies to share insights on their Reconciliation Action Plans (RAPs). Solidifying a well-established relationship, Shadforth now actively attends all monthly meetings and enthusiastically participates in various First Nations events across the Sunshine Coast. This proactive engagement underscores Shadforth’s dedication to fostering meaningful connections within the community. l

April 2019

Reconciliation Action Plan

Understanding the importance of fostering reconciliation, Shadforth has carefully designed a comprehensive 43-point strategy. This thoughtful plan not only facilitated the creation and execution of our first Reflect Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) but also laid a meaningful foundation for sustained success.