The Western Downs engagement included three projects – Horse Creek Road, Miles 9 & 14, & Western Downs Emergent Works.


Western Downs Regional Council identified that a 12.66 kilometre section of unsealed road on Horse Creek Road required upgrading.

It was located 24.3 kilometres north of Yuleba on the Yuleba-Taroom Road. The project started 10.1 kilometres north of the intersection with the Yuleba-Taroom Road on Horse Creek Road, and extended for 12.66 kilometres.

Works consisted of:

  • Clearing vegetation to an average width of 18 metres
  • Excavation and embankment works to form the road to sub-grade level as per the design levels
  • Associated drainage works
  • Unbound pavements
  • Sealing and installation of traffic control devices

The project included:

  • 55,000m3 cut/spoil
  • 15,000m3 cut/fill
  • 40,000m3 of unbound pavements
  • 100,000m2 of two coat sealing
  • 26 sets of culvert crossings replaced, including up to 6 cell RCBC’s, including base slabs, headwalls and aprons.

2. MILES 9 & 14

Following the floods in the Wandoan area, flood recovery and emergent flood works were needed for the area.

This project involved cement stabilisation and repair works of six roads within the Wandoan area (Big Valley Road, Nathan Road, No,4 Road, Roche Creek Road, Yeovil Road and Grosmount Road).

Works consisted of flood recovery works and also emergent flood works. Both involved assessment and also cement stabilisation works 250mm deep, 50mm gravel makeup, and 2% cement blend with a final two coat seal (10/14mm).

The emergent works of this project were completed within the allocated 30 day time period.

Other works included the removal of silt and debris from culverts, shoulder scour works, gravel resheeting and culvert outlet repairs.


Works included:

  • Water main upgrade (remove and replace asbestos watermain) – 750lm
  • Rehabilitation of existing pavement using cement stabilisation – 80,000m2 at 250mm
  • Asphalt works – 700t DG14
  • Bitumen re-seal – 80,000m2

Works in the Chinchilla region had to be completed within a 60 day emergent period from the flood event in February 2013 and involved the rehabilitation of existing pavement material using cement stabilisation. The existing asbestos water main had to be removed and replaced prior to the stabilisation of the road pavement in the city centre. Works also included large areas of the Warrego Highway.

To enable us to complete the works within the allocated time frame, three full stabiliser crews and two drainage crews were established. Works in the Chinchilla region posed challenges due to the lack of accommodation and the minimal information available at the time work commenced.

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