Shadforths were engaged to reprofile levels within the development to suit revised design levels as well as reshape the existing lake profile and construct revetment walls.

Residential subdivision including:
• 34,000m3 bulk earthworks
• 1,536m3 of lake edge rock revetments
• 2,090 lineal metres of A-Grade sandstone boulder retaining walls
• 9,475m2 of asphaltic concrete
• 716.4m of stormwater drainage lines
• Major stormwater structures
• 1157m of sewer reticulation (including over 100m at 5.0m+ depth) constructed using wellpoint dewatering
• 901.2m of water reticulation
• Construction of three bio filtration basins involving base geotextile layer, drainage aggregate layer, transition sand layer and bio filtration sand top layer, with sacrificial geotextile, topsoil and turf


• Management of the site required specific environmental measures including silt curtains and water quality testing due to works extending past the lake edge.
• Provide temporary two coat seal diversion track alongside Rio Vista Blv to allow through traffic to flow during the construction and upgrade of the Dunlop Crt/ Rio Vista Blv roundabout.
• 1800 x 1200mm stormwater inlet pit (4.6m depth), base constructed at RL-2.2 with wellpoint dewatering.

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