Clearing and grubbing of 103 hectares and 1,500,000m3 of earthworks. Supply and installation of RCBC’s ranging in size from 2400 x 1800mm to 3600 x 3300mm and 800m of 1500mm class 3 RCP stormwater pipes. Supply and installation of 18,000m2 of concrete sleeper retaining walls and 1100 linear metres of boulder retaining walls. Implementation of environmental monitoring and dust mitigation. All quality assurance and relevant inspections completed and sediment and erosion controls implemented in accordance with the approved CPESC plan and in accordance with Ipswich City Council standard drawings and specifications.

Retaining walls: 18,000m2 concrete sleeper walls and 1100 linear metres of “A” grade boulder walls.


Lend Lease GMR’s, Arcadis Technical Specifications and Ipswich City Council Specifications.

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