538 Miles Platting Road, Rochedale, is known as the Topaz Estate. It is a 55 lot subdivision with one large medium density lot plus additional external stormwater and sewer upgrades for the Rochedale area.

The external stormwater is 507m long with large diameter pipe sizes (up to 1500mm) within Miles Platting Road. A large number of traffic management challenges were overcome to install this external stormwater. The external sewer is 1.2km long with a range of pipe sizes from 160mm – 400mm gravity sewer. A number of existing service relocations and tight working areas were dealt with during installation. This external sewer also included a tunnel bore across Gardner Road. The internal subdivision required an intersection and turning lane upgrade to connect the roads to Miles Platting Road.


Dealing with high traffic volumes and existing services on Miles Platting Road.

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