Residential subdivision including:
• 86,738m3 of cut to fill
• 65,000m3 of cut to spoil onsite
• 64,546m3 of cut to export offsite
• 6,245m2 of retaining walls (including concrete sleeper, single & double tier boulder and stone pitching walls)
• Roadworks including 1324m3 deep lift asphalt surfacing and 9087m2 25mm and 50mm asphaltic concrete
• RCBC culvert installation – various sizes totalling 165m
• 3000m of PE sewer, 1613m of stormwater pipe and 1441m of PE watermain
• Electrical reticulation including conduits, cables, streetlights, PMT, pits
• Four bioretention basins


• External intersection upgraded to traffic signals
• External shoulder widening on Upper Kedron Road and Canvey Road
• Deep sewer underbore through existing vegetation corridor
• 1063m of external trunk watermain

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