Residential subdivision including:
• 107,135m3 cut to fill
• 210,599m2 topsoil strip and re spread
• Roadworks including 10,376m2 of 25mm asphaltic concrete and 18,464m2 of 40mm asphaltic concrete
• RCBC culvert installation – various sizes totalling 538.1m
• 3597m of sewer, 2900m of stormwater pipe and 2425m of water main, +7m deep sewer excavation from finish level
• Construction undertaken in compliance with school zone restrictions
• Electrical reticulation including conduits, cables, PMT, pits and streetlights
• Four bio retention basins – various sizes totalling area of 2410m2


• Internal pump station construction management
• Three internal roundabouts and an external road roundabout construction
• Road widening along Smiths Road
• Concrete boat ramp for lake access
• Temporary access road from Old Gympie Road to Smiths Road for construction purposes

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