Arise Stage 5 is a 53 lot subdivision with large external stormwater and road upgrades. The external stormwater is 250m long with large diameter pipe (up to 1200mm). The external stormwater and roadworks posed a number of traffic management challenges and the construction of a side track was implemented. The internal subdivision includes the construction of two large scale bio basins and 750m2 of split face block retaining walls. The main entry road to the subdivision required a large scale roundabout with centre islands.

Stage 6 includes both 6A & 6B. Stage 6A has 48 lots and 6B has 35 lots. These stages were combined and the scale of the subdivision was larger. Works include cut to export 22,000m3 to a future fill area on Pask land. Both the cut and fill sites were managed by Shadforths and all fill was placed at a competitive rate for future use. The internal works include construction of 1000m worth of roads with a number of intersections and future roundabouts.

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